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Do You Really Need to Earn That Much?

working parents online businessAs a working parent you may have come to the conclusion that being in a 9-5 job is not the answer to a more flexible lifestyle. You may have decided that to be more available for your kids an online business would be an option.

But you are thinking that it has to be an online business that can at least replace your job income but “Do You Really Need to Earn That Much?”

In fact whatever you are earning in your current job you dont need to earn that much with an online business. You can earn less and be just as rich and here is why.


Having an online business costs you less than working a job.

With a job you will need to get there and this involves a commute. If you commute in your car then petrol, wear and tear, depreciation in value all have to be taken into consideration. Perhaps you commute by train or bus, these things cost you money.

If you have an online business then assuming you have internet at home then no commute is required.

While at work you will have to eat, yes you will eat at home but at work you may have to pay canteen prices or buy your food in nearby shops. Eating at home is always cheaper and more convenient.

What do you wear to work, do you have to buy a uniform or do you have to buy particular clothes that really you only would wear in a work environment.

Working an online business from home requires no special clothes, you can wear what you would wear at home normally.

Do you need to buy certain tools for work in order for you to do that job correctly. Yes you need some sort of computer to be in business online but I imagine you already have this. The tools you need at work are probably not things you would buy if you were not in that job.

Who looks after your kids while you are at work, are you lucky enough for a grandparent to do this or are you paying out for child care. And what happens if your child gets ill, do you have to take time off work, is it a mad rush to sort anything that morning making sure your child is cared for.

Being your own boss with an online business means you get to be around for your kids. You get to decide when you work so that you can look after your kids whenever its needed.


How much less do you need to earn?

When you take into consideration all of the costs I have just highlighted (perhaps there are others?) then you begin to realise that the level of income you need when working an online business is a lot less than when working a job.

Try it yourself, add up all of your work costs and see how much less a month you could live on and still maintain the same standard of lifestyle.

Now of course you can earn as much as you want for yourself, you do not have to earn less but I wanted to highlight to you some stark realities of what a job costs and what an online business does not cost.

And of course working from home is a hell of a lot less stressful than having a boss and working a job with fixed hours.


There is a period of change.

Now I am not going to lie to you and say having your own online business is always a field of roses, there are challenges just as in any part of life. And one of these challenges is when you first start.

When you begin you will not only be working your normal job but you will also be working your online business. For a period you will be working 2 jobs so to speak and this can be a challenge.

But here is the deal with the kind of businesses that I help people to begin you would expect only to work an hour a day while getting up and running and this hour can be worked whenever you have time spare.

You could ditch an hour of TV soaps in the evening and work your business instead. You could forget watching or reading the news (too depressing) and instead start building a new life for you and your family.


Is it really for you?

Now perhaps the idea of doing something new scares the crap out of you and something like change is not an easy thing but if change and making your living in new ways is on your radar then lets speak.

I am available Monday through Saturday on 0044 (0) 208 123 8739. Give me a call and I will hear what you want to change and then explain how you can do this.

Or if you prefer visit and leave your details and I will get back to you. I will also email you a copy of my “5 Proven Steps to Make Money Online”

But whatever you decide to do make sure you do it today, dont keep leaving decisions to be made hanging in the air, this will only ruin your sleep.

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