The Pro’s and Cons of Working for Yourself Online

pro's and cons of working for yourselfI make my living online by way of a business model known as Affiliate Marketing. I also coach others what I do and yes, I love it. But here is the deal “Its not always a life of sunny meadows”

Now don’t get me wrong, it beats a job hands down which is probably why I have not had one since 2007 but just for the record I have put together “The Pro’s and Cons of Working for Yourself Online” or if you like, what is good and not so good about having no boss or having no regular 9-5 job.

Have a read of the list below, see what you think and if the Pro’s are your kinda thing then let me know, I can then point you in the right direction of some good home business ideas.


To Earn Money Online or Working in a Job?

best and worse of working online


So there you have it. I am sure I could think of others but these 10 are my most obvious.

I tried to as honest as possible with “The Pro’s and Cons of Working for Yourself Online” but at the end of the day when I way it all up the Pro’s win every time. For me life is just too short to spend Monday to Friday wishing it was the weekend and then spend Sunday evening dreading the next day.

What are your thoughts, do you wish you had the ability to earn money online, well if so let me know or maybe you need the so called stability of a job.

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