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If you are looking at various home business ideas then Email Marketing can be a great option.

home business ideasEmail Marketing is often referred to as “list building” and is a very effective way of creating a long term income online as well as the added benefit of being fairly low maintenance to run.


What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is where you collect peoples email address then once you have their address you then begin sending out pre-written emails to them that not only contain quality information but also products for them to purchase.

You in turn make commissions from any sales made via your emails.

You do need to put a bit of effort in at the start but once you are up and running then your main purpose from then on will be to keep a flow of more email sign ups.

This type of business can be worked around your schedule as it has no fixed hours and once set up is working for you around the clock.


Here’s How it Works.

NB: At the end of these steps I offer help to anyone who needs it.

1) Find yourself a business market to be in. Perhaps one you have knowledge in or one that is hot right now.

2) Discover what is going on in your market. Understand the problems people face perhaps in buying a certain product or finding a certain answer.

3) Look for something to give away free that will entice people to leave their email address. You need to offer an incentive otherwise why would they do it.

The sort of free gift I am talking about could be a report or an E book. Something that is going to give benefit and help them with any issues/problems that you discovered in step 2.

You can get a report created very cheaply by going to www.fiverr.com

4) Get started with an auto-responder company. An auto-responder is basically a system that automates the whole procedure for you from collecting the emails, to giving people their free gift and then on to sending out pre-written emails at a schedule you have set.

Aweber is the system I use, visit Aweber auto-responder

5) Create a one page website known as a Landing Page. Your landing page will be where you collect peoples email using a contact box that your auto responder company provided.

Always keep your landing page simple and uncluttered so that everybody knows that they must fill out their details in the contact box and in return they will receive a free gift.

Again you can go to somewhere like www.fiverr.com to have it created very cheaply.

6) Set up your auto-responder. By this I mean create some follow up emails that will be sent out to your sign ups. The first being the free gift.

I like to have enough emails created that will last a month. Bearing in mind they can be set to go out every 2 or 3 days which means i need between 10 to 15 emails to last me a month.

Your emails will contain information that people will be interested in and they will also contain products of a similar nature that they can purchase.

These products i am talking about will be affiliate products you have signed up to through an affiliate program.

For more details on Affiliate Marketing read my article, “Earn Money Online with Affiliate Marketing“.

7) Your job now is to get people to visit your Landing page and to leave their details, and you do this by advertising.

Advertise to the types of people who will be interested in your free gift. This way you give yourself more chance of the people leaving their details and also being interested in your following emails with your affiliate products in.


To Summarise.

The above steps are a genuine way to earn money online.

Yes there is work to be done at the start and yes a lot of it has left you scratching your head.

But after the initial set up and head scratching you will have a business that almost runs its-self.


Want Some Help?

If after reading all this you find yourself a bit overwhelmed then why not let me know, I have been successfully working various home business ideas since 2008.

Go to my my Contact Page and leave some details. I will then get back to you for a quick chat with some help and advice as to the best ways for you to be up and running.

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