Work for Yourself Online by Giving Value

The next few paragraphs are really a win win situation for all. I mean by this that not only can you work for yourself online and make an income but home business ideasat the same time you can give your customers excellent value as well.

The Basic Idea

Whether you are just considering one of the various home business ideas or you are already down this path, one thing you must remember is to always give as much value to your target market as possible. Your target market are the people you have identified as interested in what service or products you offer.

When you give them value be it with quality information like content on a website that will solve a problem then you create a relationship/trust that will serve you well again and again when you repeat this process. And this process can be applied to any type of market out there.

Where do you begin?

Well the first thing you need to do is work out exactly what your target markets problems are. You need to understand what they are concerned about, what fears they have and what questions do they keep asking.

When you know this, you will then know what value to give them.

How do I find out their problems?

Let’s say your chosen market is golf and let’s say that within this market you have identified a niche market of left handed lady golfers. Sometimes a market such as golf can be too big a subject to cover so then it’s important narrow it down a bit which in this case is left handed lady golfers.

Now to find out there concerns one of the things you can do is visit online forums. These are great places to find out what your chosen market is talking about. Just search in Google for your particular niche forum and see what is being said.

There may even be a left handed ladies golfer forum but the main thing is that you do your research via several of these forums so that you can build up a picture of what they want to know or do.

You can also visit relevant websites to again build up your information about your target market.

How do I monetize this information?

Once you have a good picture of what your target market is talking about then it’s time to look for the solutions, which in this case could be content, products, services or a mixture of all three.

If you do have your own website or blog then armed with your research you can add content that really speaks to your markets concerns.

If you are just starting to look at some home business ideas then you may not have a website that you can place content on so in this case you will just need to find some quality products to promote.

With regards to promoting products then you will do this as an affiliate.

Being an affiliate means you can promote companies products without having to stock them, take payments for them or deal with any enquiries.

Its a great way to be quickly up and running and making an income for yourself without having to be too involved with the sales process.

Basically you join for free a companies affiliate program who then give you a unique affiliate link that you can use on your website. When someone clicks on this link they are taken to the companies sales page and if a sale is made you are paid a commission.

My article “Working for Yourself with Affiliate Marketing” will give you all the details you need around this business model.

As an example lets say you have discovered that left handed ladies golfers have a real problem finding quality golf clubs. It may be that the bulk of golfing companies cater mainly to the right handed market and its a real problem finding left handed golf clubs.

So with that in mind you would go looking for companies providing such equipment and then join their affiliate program. Bearing in mind you are looking for excellent companies who offer great value and service to all their customers.

How to advertise your products and services?

This is the easy part. With your newly acquired affiliate links you go back to the same forums and websites that you originally checked out to find out their problems and paste them in there.

Or if you have a website then you can also use your website address in the forums too.

With forums, once joined you can then start interacting with these people and answering their questions with little messages about what you know. And at the bottom of your message you type in your personal affiliate link/web address.

Not all forums allow you to do this but some will, but make sure you don’t just go on them pasting your affiliate links. Give some genuine value regarding the topic/question you are posting on.

This is again where the value comes in. Using the knowledge you have built up through your research, enlighten these people as to what you have found out. It could be tips and tricks or a review of a product you are promoting.

If you did your original research on websites then with these you will look to place a comment at the end of any articles on their site relevant to what you are offering with again your affiliate link/website address in.

Will it Work?

YES. But you have to be consistent, you have to be going on these forums and websites consistently to build up some trust so that people see you as someone to look out for.

And the more value you give with your information and quality products the more inclined they are to click your links and the more likely you are to make a commission.

Turbo charge your results

If you really want to increase your earnings then consider having a website/blog specific to your target market.  You can have one that is full of great content (value) centered around your target markets needs with links and adverts to your affiliate promotions.

You can, as before, promote your website to the forums and a whole host of other places where you know your target market hangs out. They can then come to your site and see lots of great free content that builds up your trust with them.

Value, Value, Value,

At the risk of banging on too much about it, to ensure the highest success with all this, your #1 priority is to give all concerned massive value. If you do this then success is yours but if you go into to this just looking to make money then you will struggle all the way. And hey, it feels a lot nicer when you do get your commission payments knowing you have provided a great service to get it.

Over to You

All of the information above plus the link to my affiliate article will be what you need to get going but if you feel its a bit daunting or your not quite sure how it all works then why not consider using my Home Business Guru course that offers step by step instructions on such things as,

  • Finding a great market to be in
  • Finding great products to promote
  • Setting up a website with content and products on
  • Where to advertise your website and affiliate links
  • And everything else you need to know in order to earn money online

The course comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. Plus you get my personal contact details for whenever you need assistance.

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