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Earn Money Online with Affiliate Marketing

Earn Money Online with Affiliate MarketingIf you are looking to make money online then Affiliate Marketing is an excellent way to go about it without all the expense and hassles normally associated with starting your own business.

Affiliate Marketing gives you all of the flexibility being in business for yourself such as choosing when and where you work, but none of the constraints of going it alone.

Affiliate Marketing gives you the chance to sell products online but without having to stock them, own them, take payments for them, ship them out to customers or handle any queries.

In my mind its a no brainer for anyone looking to get out of a job and work for themselves online. It allows you to start in your spare time around your job and then if you so wish go full time later on.

What is Affiliate Marketing.

There are all sorts of different companies out there who have what’s known as an affiliate program and who will pay you a commission on any sales that are generated from your efforts.

And all of these affiliate programs are free to join.

These companies range from some of the biggest and most famous on the planet such as Amazon, Nike, Microsoft, Virgin, Apple, to companies perhaps only best known within their own markets.

What Do You Do?

Your job is to attract customers to the companies website with the idea that they will purchase something. When this happens you get paid. That’s it, that is your job and if you do it well you can be paid very handsomely indeed.

The sort of commissions you can expect really depends on the company itself but overall you will find affiliate programs that payout anything from 3% to 70% of the total sale price.

Normally the higher commission payouts come from products or services that only have to be made once such as download courses and the lower percentage payouts will be for actual physical products like clothing or electrical goods.

My advice here is to find products to promote that not only pay you commission for the initial sale but also have a residual payment built in to it, such as a monthly subscription program. This mean you get paid every month on a product you sold only once.

How Do You Get Paid?

When you join a companies affiliate program you are given, along with lots of other tools, a link that is unique to you, meaning that when someone clicks on a link of yours they are taken to that companies sales page then any sale that’s made will be credited to your account. The company knows the customer came from you because they clicked on your unique link.

Then once your account reaches a certain level, perhaps £100, the money is then released to you by way of a cheque, bank transfer or Pay Pal. Although this really depends on the individual company as to exactly how you get paid.

How Do You Get Started?

First thing you need to do is choose a market to be in. This can be a market that interests you such as a hobby you have or one that is currently popular.

Secondly you find companies to promote withing this chosen market. The easiest way to do this is simply Google it. If your chosen market is Cosmetics then type into Google “cosmetic affiliate programs” or “UK cosmetic affiliate programs”.

See what comes up and if it looks good you can join that companies affiliate program.

What Next?

OK so now you have your products, you just need to sell them and of course you do this by attracting customers.

You can just go out there and start posting your affiliate links wherever you feel is appropriate.

But one of the best ways to make affiliate sales is to have your own blog/website filled with great content that will appeal to the type of persons your looking to sell to.

The idea here is, you create a website, you fill it with content that matches the type of products you are promoting, you then have your unique links/adverts on the website.

You then do some advertising promoting your website, readers arrive at your own site to read the content and then they click your links and ads. The company you are promoting then takes over from there.

If you create a good website and you have quality content and products that match then you have a very good way of Working for Yourself with Affiliate Marketing and that is working for your 24/7 365 days of the year.

For help in creating a complete affiliate marketing business including the website, take a look at the Home Business Guru course

What Can I Earn?

There are many many people all over the world who make money from Affiliate Marketing including myself. Some make a few Pounds a month part time while some make millions of pounds a year and everything in between.

Its not hard to do but there is work to be done and on a consistent basis but compared to a regular job, to earn money online with Affiliate Marketing is measurably easier and way more flexible.

You can if you so desire make a very good living with affiliate marketing. One that can replace your current income or one that can supplement it. Its up to you and the effort you put in that dictates your level of success.

Want to Know More?

If this article has given you food for thought then I would be happy to explain more and show you how.

You can either send me a message via my Contact Page or if you prefer to get your hands dirty now then take a look at my Affiliate Marketing Training Program

Its your chance to make money online and have a better work life balance.

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