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Why You Should Be Using WordPress For Affiliate Marketing

If you are serious about making an income online with Affiliate Marketing and you are going to have a website (Authoritative Website) to help you promote your affiliate products then using WordPress to build your website is a must and here is why.

wordpress affiliate marketingNB: When I say WordPress I am talking about the .org version and not the .com version. Both are related and both very similar but with the .com version you cannot promote affiliate products with it.

1) Build Any Type Of Website. Whether you want a blog, an eCommerce site, a landing page or a review site, with WordPress you can build it. This is possible because there are literally thousands of free and paid (premium) themes that you can choose from to build any style of website you like.

2) Plugins. If you need to add a special feature to your WordPress website then a Plugin will do it. Within your WordPress dashboard you will find thousands of free plugins that can do almost anything.

This could be to add social buttons, create a contact page, have an image slider, make your website load quicker, have delayed messages appear, add a shopping cart, SEO, the list goes on.

3) Endless Training. As WordPress is a hugely popular platform you will find that there is plenty of help and training to be had within the system itself and online.

Just Google or YouTube an issue and I guarantee you there will at least 10 people showing you how to resolve it.

4) Google Loves WordPress. Google and all the other search engines for that matter have an easier time crawling and indexing WordPress websites because of the background code used to construct them.

What this means for you and me is your website will be found and understood easier by the search engines and thus will be better placed and ranked within the search results which ultimately means more people get to see your affiliate products.

Ask Me

Still have questions about WordPress and its role within Affiliate Marketing, then let me know. I have over 8 years of using WordPress and over 6 years of making a living with Affiliate Marketing.

Visit my contact page and send me your questions and I will help you out, we can even speak by phone.

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