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Do You Know WHY You Want to Work for Yourself?

Why do you want to earn money onlineYou may or may not have already made the decision to be your own boss and start a home business but do you really know why you want to work for yourself online? Do you really know why you will get up each day to work on your own business?

Its Not Just About the Money

If your main reason is just to make money then I would have to question this. Yes we all want more money and we all need money to survive. But if its the only reason that motivates you to be successful then I think you are heading for a fall.

The reason I say this is because as some point in your business you will run into obstacles. There will be days when things are not going as easy as you would like.

And it is moments like this when you need a stronger motivation to keep going than just one of money, especially if your business is not at the stage of making an income at all.

You Need a WHY

If your business is causing you headaches and its not making an income yet then it would be much easier to throw in the towel and go back to a job. And you would do this because your only motivation to keep going is money, so why not go back to a job again where you can get some of that money.

Then guess what, there you are again cursing your life and how you never have time for anything else Monday to Friday.

Well how about instead of having money as a motivation you have something much stronger, you have your WHY.

Whats Your Why?

Your WHY wants to be anything that gets you emotionally excited. Something that you are so passionate about that it brings you to tears.

When you have a WHY like this then any problems you encounter when working for yourself online will just pale in comparison.

Examples of a powerful WHY could be to be working from home and not having to put your kids into day care in the hands of a stranger.

Another WHY could be the satisfaction of going to bed at night knowing that tomorrow is your own day and not one where some neanderthal of a boss gets to tell you how crap he thinks you are.

A WHY that first motivated me was one of not wishing my life away in a job that i only ever did because of a wage. I would find myself wishing it to be lunch, then wishing it was 6 pm. I would be excited on a Thursday morning because there was only 2 days to go at work. But then Sunday evening came around and here we go again.

Knowing that I was only on this planet for so many years and the thought of spending a lot of these years wishing them away in a job was just too scary. This was the WHY that kept me going on the less than good days.

Whats it to Be!!

Hopefully by now you can see that simply just having a motivation of money to keep you going when working for yourself online is not enough. And hopefully by now you will be able to figure out a powerful enough WHY in order to know exactly why you do what you do.

When you have figured out your WHY and you are ready to put that WHY to the test then let me know via my Contact Page as I would be happy to share some ideas on how you can work for yourself online.

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