Who is Nick Squires The English Entrepreneur?

Nick Squires-The English EntrepreneurMy name is Nick Squires, The English Entrepreneur (TEE), catchy name don’t you thinkhome business ideas!!

I am in my late forties. I am in a long term relationship with a French lady and we have a child together and I have been making a full time income online since early 2008.

I spent most my life growing up in Surrey, just outside London having been born near Worcestershire in the Midlands of the UK.

Nothing too crazy happened during my childhood. School was good but I left at 16 and entered the world of random jobs. I say random as I never pursued a career or any sort of job direction.

You name it, I did it. Gardening, building, sales, security, pest controller, bingo announcer, car cleaner, road markings, postman, carpet cleaner and on and on it goes.

work for yourself online from homeBut this was all good as it suited my lifestyle. I did not have kids and I did not have a wife but I did love to travel and travel I did.

I backpacked around Europe many times and South America as well as took road trips across North America solo and with friends.

Spain was always a favourite destination of mine having traveled around the country several times and becoming fairly well versed in its Castilian version of the language.

This all prompted me to move to Southern Spain in 2007 settling in the chic resort of Marbella although I tended to shy away from its more exotic parts.

This Spanishparis jaunt lasted about a year when out of the blue I met a charming French lady and ended up moving to Paris, a city that I still call home today along with my home in Surrey.

Its at the point of arriving in Paris that my business adventures online began. My French at the time was poor so finding work was not easy and besides, I was done with working a 9-5 job. Trading time for money is crazy and spending this time in a place where you have no desire to be is even crazier.

So at the beginning of 2008 I began searching online for some home business ideas not really knowing what I was looking for.

Eventually I came across this American MLM (multi level marketing) company who promoted personal development products.

Self improvecap daiment was an area I was interested in beforehand and everyone involved seemed happy enough and the income on offer was crazy.

So I paid my enrollment fee and bought the main product which got me qualified to sell more of the same and enroll others beneath me.

Now to say I was an overnight success would be a lie, more like a six month overnight success. But boy am I pleased that I persisted because not only did I have great success with this company (awards and income) but it was the stepping stone to where I am now.

To cut a long story short, the company imploded about two years later at which point I got involved with  Affiliate Marketing which is what I still do to this day.

Affiliate Marketingtahiti is an incredibly flexible way to earn money online. No fixed hours, no personal selling and endless markets to be involved with.

Anyway, back to me. With regards to my personal life that French lady is still around and we are still in Paris although we did hit the road for two years living in Marseille, Strasbourg, Lisbon in Portugal and Tahiti in the South Pacific.

I hope soon that we will be locating ourselves back to Marbella, Spain and I will keep you posted as to how this is going.

You now have my permission to fall asleep 🙂

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