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When’s the Right Time to Start Working for Yourself Online?

whens best to start an online businessLet me start by saying this, its never the right time or the wrong time to start working for yourself online.

What I am trying to say is, now is the perfect moment, in fact now is the only moment. There will never be a better moment than now to begin working for yourself online.


Why is Now Perfect?

As humans we tend to go through life waiting. Waiting to do this, waiting to do that.

We are waiting for life to be perfect before we begin something new. Before we start that next chapter in our lives.

How many times have you said to yourself “I will definitely start this as soon as I have completed that”

And this is the same for many things in life including starting an online business.

I do it myself in certain areas of my life. I find myself waiting for things to be perfect before I begin something new.

But things will never be perfect, there will always be something more to do.

Its like getting in your car and only setting off once all the traffic lights are green for your whole journey. This moment will never arrive. You need to set off now.

Just think of all those things in life you promised yourself you would do but never actually got around to doing it.


Life Fills Up

Even if you can see a time in your life when things will be easier or quieter. A time when you think it will be easier to start something new, I can assure  you that life will have a habit of filling this space up.

Then suddenly when that moment you thought would be great to start whatever it was you wanted to start, you realise that its not. Something has filled its space.


Taking Action

So my answer to the question “Whens the Right Time to Start Working for Yourself Online” would be “NOW”. Now is the right time.

Life will never be more perfect than now. The moment will never be better than now.

And if one of those ideas you have had is to have a better work life balance and you believe that working for yourself online would achieve that, then take action now.

Get a plan together on how you would go about it and then take action on that plan.

Or if you want some advice about a plan of action for working for yourself online then let me know.

Use my Contact Page to send me a message and I will give you some advice, but my friend, you need to do it now!!

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