What’s Your Hourly Rate?

If you are someone who currently works a job and is paid by the hour, then if I was to ask you “What’s Your Hourly Rate” you should be able to answer me quite easily.

home business ideasBut if the roles were reversed and it was you who were asking me my hourly rate then as someone who works for themself and makes their living by ways of the internet my answer would not be so easy to give, and here is why.

With a job you are paid by the hour and you know for certain that if you do X amount of hours you will receive X amount of money. The problem with this though is that once you have been paid for that hour of work then you know that you will never be paid for it again.

Now you can decide to work another hour and be paid for this and so on, but never do you get paid for the same hour twice.

This is where working a job and working for yourself online differ greatly.

I know for a fact that I can spend an hour writing an article or a report that has some information in it that people require but also has a product within in it that they can purchase. I can then put this report or article online for people to access, read and then buy whatever it is I am offering. And this article or report can be paying me over and over again for as long as people can view it.

Yes I put my hours worth of work into it as you would do in a job but the big difference here is that unlike a job, that hours worth of work will be paying me over and over again.

Now of course I often put a lot more than an hours worth of work in to what I am doing, just like you would do in a job and it does not always have to be a report or an article. It might be a new website I am building with products on or placing adverts for my services. Whatever type of work it is though I can guarantee you it will be paying me many times over for the work I have put it.

And do you want to know the real beauty of what I am talking about here is. The work that I do is not only paying me over and over again but its paying me when quite often I am nowhere near my home office or my lap top but instead I am out living my life. Now hows that for an hourly rate.

So the next time someone asks you “What’s Your Hourly Rate” have a think about what your answer might be if you did not have a job but instead worked one of the proven home business ideas that I recommend on this website.

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