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A Specific Business Always Makes More Sales

make more online salesThis article is really to help people who having found a business market or idea to go into now need to make sure that they maximize the income potential of that business.

Its about being specific and targeted once you know the area of business you will be in.


What do I mean by being specific?

Well its all well and good having a business market for yourself to operate in of which I am sure there are a ton of customers that you can potentially make sales from.

The hard work is trying to attract all these customers to your business and its products and services. If you are trying to attract everyone then you are going to have to cover a lot of bases in order to find them and keep them happy such as website content, places to place your ads, correct products they want to buy etc.

Now if you were to be a bit more specific and targeted you could then choose specific types of customers that you are going to target with your business. You could choose a niche area of the business market you are in and then focus solely on these products and the people interested in them.


Easier to make more sales

You see its much easier to attract and make sales to a targeted few rather than trying to attract everyone. When you go more specific with your business you will be able to offer exactly what your customer wants which means they will be much more interested in what you have.

EG: My business market in a broad sense is the home business market, I teach people how to make a living from home. The problem with this is almost everyone on the planet would like to work from home rather than work a job. So trying to cater to such a large market would be impossible.

So because of that I have gone specific, I have first decided my market is for people looking for an online business only and going even more specific I have chosen a few specific types of customers such as working parents who would like an online business.

Now of course you can work an online business from home but my concern is to find working parents who want an online business. And having narrowed my market down I can now get the information I need to really help me attract these people to my business.

I can find out what their issues are as a working parent and I can help them with these issues by offering website content and products that are going to help them answer and solve their issues.

I will also know better where to place my adverts because obviously I know that my customers will be hanging out wherever working parents go.

This not only gives me a better chance of making sales but it also makes sure that my customers are also getting exactly what they want as well.

Now I do have other types of customers I target as well with my business but I certainly do not target everyone.


It works in other markets

And we can apply this specific process to lots of other markets too. When you know your business market try to break it down to a niche area of this market and then to specific types of customers.

EG: If you are in the travel market break it down to a particular destination and find specific customers who want to go there. If you are in the health market then go deeper and perhaps focus on just fitness equipment and people who need this.

By being specific and targeted you can then identify areas within your chosen business market to exploit which then gives you the opportunity to be able to offer exactly what your chosen customers need.

For more help with this concept and with the actual putting together of an online business my Home Business Guru Course will teach you how and more.

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