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Are You Putting Life on Hold

Does it feel like life is just one long procession of doing the same daily or weekly tasks with only the weekends or a summer holiday to keep you going. Well this could be because you are in the trap of putting life on hold.

Waiting for a green light

We all do it, we all say “I will definitely do that once I have finished this”. We all assume that once our current life predicament is sorted then life will be perfect and a space will be clear for us to begin something new.

earn money onlineIt could be to move house or start a business and earn money online. It might be to live abroad or start a new job. Whatever it is we will generally put it on hold until we have the time, energy, money or bravery to do it.

But having this attitude is a bit like getting in your car with a destination in mind but only setting off when all the traffic lights for that journey are green. Its just never gonna happen.

Life Gets Filled

Even if we do get to the point where our current predicament is completed and we are ready to begin that new chapter in our life, often you will find that something else has come along which needs your attention.

And guess what, now you need to sort this before you can begin whatever it was you were hoping to do. Life gets filled whenever there is a space, its how nature operates and how your life operates too.

Life is Now

There is a simple answer to the problem I have just outlined and that is to do whatever it is you want to do but do it now. Strike while the irons hot as the saying goes. Stop putting life off. Yeah, you may not be ready, yes you may not have the time or so you think so but there is never a better time to begin than now.

Believe in yourself that you will make it happen, that you will find the time or the money and that you will achieve the desired outcome.

3 Step Plan

When you do say “what the hell, lets go for it” all you need to have is a 3 step plan and that consists of,

  1. Knowing exactly what you want to achieve
  2. Outline the action steps needed to get you there
  3. Taking immediate action

Even if you do the above and fail at least you will have found this out which is much better than going through life and wondering “what if”. And besides, you never truly fail, in truth you are just getting closer to what actually works but if you never take action you would never find this out.

A Ready Made Action Plan

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