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Why Are You Preparing for Failure?

make money online in the UKDo you have a business online or in the real world and is that business not getting the results you desire. Well it could be that you are mentally sabotaging your success and here is why.

Its all in the head

When you are working your business is your mind in the background subtly saying things like “this will never work” or “they wont like this” or any kind of words that negate the positive result you are trying to achieve.

EG: You are writing a business advert but the whole time your mind is telling you it wont work. Or you have placed an advert and you do not want to check the results because you assume there has been no sales or sign ups etc.

Whatever your work may be with your business for some people the mind is saying the opposite of what they are trying to achieve and guess what the result they expected turns out to be correct.

How to change it

To get better results in your business you really need to start changing the way you think about your business.

Next time you are working just pause and monitor what you have been or are thinking. Notice the negativity and then start to change it.

If you are saying in your head that an advert wont work then start changing your thoughts to the opposite. Start having more positive emotions around what you are doing.

It may take a bit of effort to keep stopping and altering your thought process but in doing so you really will start changing the results that you see. And in time you will naturally be in more of a habit to think positive about what you are doing.

And because you are now more emotionally charged in a good way your actions will be Better/Bigger /Different which means for you that your results will be better/Bigger/Different.

Try it out

What have you got to lose by implementing the above actions, what could be the worst that happens. Well the worst could be that your results are as rubbish as before or it could be that your results start matching your goals.

It could be that you do make more sales, you do make more sign ups but whatever your results are, one thing I can guarantee you is that you will feel a hell of a lot better about your business.

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