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work for yourself online from homeWelcome to my personal website. Here you will find help and advice about proven ways to make an income online. Over the past 8 years I have been helping people like yourself to have success online allowing you to work from home or wherever you have an internet connection.

Nick Squires, The English Entrepreneur 2016EE work for yourself online from home

work for yourself online from home
working online for yourself

Online Business Tools and Training Program.

earn money onlineIf you are looking to change jobs or even careers with the view to finding something that gives you more control over when and where you work then my Work Life Balance Training Program could be the answer. The Home Business Guru Course was created for people looking to earn money online but also live a life rather than a job. Read More
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Who is Nick Squires-The English Entrepreneur?

who is the english entrepreneurIf you want to learn more about the man behind this website, Nick Squires The English Entrepreneur and my journey so far in life then please do so. You will found out a bit about my personal life as well as how I came to be working for myself online and living in Paris. I spent most my life growing up in Surrey, just outside London having been born near Worcestershire in the Midlands of the UK. Read More
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work for yourself online in the UK
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How Much is Your Job Costing You?

home based jobsEver wondered how much your job is costing you and whether you would be better off staying at home working one of the various home business ideas. Well it might be time to work it all out or at the very least have an idea of what you pay for just to be at work.See which of the items on the list below are part of your job expenditure. Child Care – Probably the biggest expenditure for most Read More

Start an Online Business with Amazon

home business ideasLooking for a flexible way to work for yourself then consider starting an online business with Amazon. Amazon have an excellent business program where you can become an associate of theirs for free and start promoting any of the products that Amazon has in its store. Once you become an associate (affiliate) not only will you have access to, Read More

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Work Online with Affiliate Marketing

work for yourself with affiliate marketingIf you really want to earn money online then Affiliate Marketing is an excellent way to do it without all the expense and hassles normally associated with starting your own business. Affiliate Marketing gives you all the flexibility of being in business for yourself such as, Read More

What’s Your Hourly Rate?

home business ideasIf you are someone who currently works a job and is paid by the hour and i was to ask you “What’s Your Hourly Rate” you should be able to answer me quite easily. But if the roles were reversed and it was you who were asking me my hourly rate then as someone who, Read More

Pro’s and Cons of Working for Yourself

earn money onlineI earn money online using a business model known as Affiliate Marketing as well as coaching others in how to do this and yes, i love it. But here is the deal “Its not always a life of sunny meadows” Read More

Earn Money Online with Word

home business ideasIf you are familiar using Microsoft Word then this article will show you how to Earn Money with Microsoft Word in 6 easy steps. It will not cost you a penny and you will not have to personally sell anything plus it should take no more than 3 hours to complete. Read More

Work For Yourself by Giving Value

work for yourself onlineThe next few paragraphs are really a win win situation for all concerned. What i mean by this is that not only can you work for yourself and make an income online but at the same time you can give your customers excellent value as well. Read More

Home Business Ideas – Email Marketing

home business ideasIf you are currently looking at various home business ideas and want to earn money online then Email Marketing can be a great option. Email Marketing is often referred to as “list building” and is a very, Read More