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Is an Online Business Suitable for a Working Parent?

online business working parentsIf you are a parent and you work a full time job Monday to Friday with fixed hours then you may be thinking that life is a bit rushed. You may be thinking that there has to be an easier way. Well there are easier ways but they are not all suitable for every working parent.

An online business is one option and in my mind a very good option especially if you need more flexibility around your kids when working but again it may not be suitable for everyone.

So what I thought I would do is just clarify what you would really need to have as a working parent if you were to embark on making your living with an online business.

I have also highlighted some of the benefits that working and online business would give to a working parent as well.


What You Really Need

Motivation – You really have to have a desire to change your situation. You really need to be at the point where enough is enough and a new way of living and making your income is the only option.

A Why I have talked about having a why in previous articles but its worth repeating here. A why is your reason to get up in the morning. Its the reason you started an online business and the reason you will be a success at it.

For most working parents your why will be your kids. You want to spend more time with them. You dont want them be looked after by someone else and a whole multitude of other reasons. You must have a why when starting an online business as this will keep you going when times get a bit tough.

Open To New Things For sure you will have to learn new things. You will have to take new actions and having an open mind to all this will stand you in good stead especially at the beginning.

Persistence – You have to keep going in order to see success. You have to see it through otherwise you will most definitely fail. Not seeing it through is the number one reason why people fail with an online business.

I see it with some of my clients, they have everything they need but they give up before it ever works. Having “A Why” will most definitely help you with persistence.

Believe – Allow yourself to believe that you can have success with an online business. Allow yourself to believe that there really are businesses out there that really do make you an income despite what your best mate keeps saying that everything online is a scam.


And Here Are The Benefits

No Child Care Costs – This can be a huge saving when you are able to work from home.

No Commute – Just think about how much time each week you spend getting to and from work.

When Kids Are Ill – Not something any parent wants but if it does happen then there is no issue with you taking time off work to be at home.

Better Work Life Balance – For a working parent the ability to work online from home is a no brainer as it gives you the flexibility to work around your life and kids.

You Need Less Money – When you work from home then any costs you had working a job disappear. Costs such as child care, commuting, lunches, work tools and clothing are gone. This actually means you do not have to earn as much from your online business as you did with your job but then again you may want to earn more.

Now I imagine you could come up with more benefits than I have just done but the important thing here is you understand the first list I created of “what you really need” when contemplating starting an online business.

If you have those qualities then the benefits I mention will most definitely arrive as sure as day follows night.


What Now?

Want to know more, want to know how you can get these benefits or how you can improve your chances of breaking that rigid 9-5 working routine, well let me know.

You can fill out your details at and I will get back to you. I will also email you a free copy of my “5 proven steps to make money online”.

Or you can get in touch with me via my Contact Page. But untill then I wish all the success, Nick Squires

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