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Start an Online Business with Amazon

Looking for a flexible way to work for yourself online then consider starting a business with Amazon.

Amazon haveamazon an excellent business program where you can become an associate of theirs for free and start promoting any of the products that Amazon has in its store.

Once you become an associate (affiliate) not only will you have access to an endless supply of products to promote but you will also have access to an excellent range of advertising tools.

These tools you can use to promote the products with in various different ways. Such as via a website or via your social sites (Facebook, Twitter etc).

Now Amazon are not the biggest commission payers out there (between 4 to 8%) and yes if you are selling something like a hair brush for £4 then its not going to be a huge return for you. But Amazon do sell high ticket products like cameras, televisions etc which will give a good commission to you.

Some of the main reasons for becoming an Amazon associate are as follows,

  • Amazon is a trusted brand
  • People buy more than one product at a time
  • Excellent ways to promote the products
  • Endless product range
  • Amazon runs very profitable seasonal sales
  • Amazon does all the selling for you

What Exactly Do You Do?

  1. Join the Amazon associate program
  2. Choose a product or products to promote
  3. Use the Amazon advertising tools and start promoting the products
  4. Start making sales and start making commissions

Is that it!!

in a basic way, yes. You do the above as its laid out. Where it gets more involved is the ways in which you decide to advertise the products.

You can use a website to promote the products but you obviously need one in the first place. You can use social sites but of course you need to have accounts with sites like Facebook and Twitter to begin with.

Yes Amazon does all the selling for you once your customer is on the Amazon website but your work is in getting them to it.

Don’t Be Put Off

Whatever ways you decide to work for yourself online, be it starting a business with Amazon or any of the other ways I mention on this website, then its going to take effort. You are going to have to put work in to see results.

Dont be fooled by these “one click rich” businesses where they tell you no work is required and they have cracked the secret code.

Find a business such as Amazon, get stuck in and make it happen. There is your secret code.

Let Me Know

Still not sure about becoming an Amazon associate or how to do it correctly then why not let me know. Send me a message via my Contact Page and I will get back to you.

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