Earn Money Online with Microsoft Word

If you are familiar using Microsoft Word then this article will show you how to Earn Money Online with Microsoft Word in 6 easy steps.

earn money online with microsoft wordIt will not cost you a penny. You will not have to personally sell anything and it should take no more than 3 hours to complete.

And don’t worry if some of the steps below are beyond your skill levels as I have a solution at the end that will show you how to do everything and more.

What Will You Do?

What you will be doing is writing a short piece of content on any topic you like, preferably one you have some knowledge on.

You are then going to be adding an affiliate product to this content that you make a commission from and then you will turn the content into a PDF ready to go live on the internet.

What is an Affiliate Product?

An affiliate product is quite simply something that you can sell without having to own, stock, ship or take payments for. There are literally thousands of companies online who have affiliate programs you can join for free.

Here is what You Do.

1) Choose a topic that interests you. One that you have a bit of knowledge on or one where you can easily get this knowledge.

2) With this topic in mind go over to www.ClickBank.com and create a free account using the “Create Account” link to the top right.

3) Once you have an account login in and go to “Marketplace” (small link at top of page) and look for a suitable product to promote using the categories on the left hand side. This product obviously needs to be close to the topic you will write about.

When you find one click the “Promote” button and then enter your Account Nickname which will reveal for you a code (Hop Link) that you need to copy and paste somewhere safe for later.

4) Open up Microsoft Word and now write a short article (500 to 1000 words long should do) on your chosen topic and at the end of this article you are going to make a clickable link (Hyper link) that you attach your ClickBank Hop link to along with some words encouraging people to click this link.

5) Now save your Word document to your computer and then go to this free Word to PDF converter, www.go4convert.com and upload your document to convert it into a PDF. It takes a few seconds to do but once done save the PDF to your computer.

6) Last part here folks. Go to www.slideshare.net , create a free account and then upload your PDF into your account. This will then put your PDF online so that people can read it and then purchase the product.

That’s It

You now have created a Word document that is online and selling a product and you do not have to do anything more. My suggestion is that you repeat this process so that not only do you become better at this but you also have many more documents online working and selling for you.

I make money from doing this and so do a lot of my affiliate marketing clients that I personally teach.

Now will you make huge amounts of sales just by doing this, probably not but it will get you started and it will open your eyes up to many other possibilities of home business ideas.

All in One Solution

If you want to learn how to sell affiliate products consistently and make a full time income then my Affiliate Marketing Home Study Course will teach you step by step and in plain English exactly what to do.

The course comes with full support from me (phone or email) for whenever you need help.

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Nick Squires-The English Entrepreneur.


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