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Make an Income Online with Automated Webinars

earn money onlineIf you are prepared to put some effort in at the start and dont mind getting your hands dirty then Automated Webinars are a great way to make an income online.

The idea is to create a webinar one time and then promote that webinar again and again. You can initially do the webinar as a live webinar to begin with and record it on the day or make it a recording from the start with the appearance of it having been live.

But once you do have a recording you can then set it to run at specific times and on specific days continuously for people to join, watch and take action.


What is a Webinar?

A webinar is like an online show. A show that will be giving people guidance, advice, help, tips etc on a particular topic and at the end you will present a product that the webinar viewers can buy that will help them do all that you mentioned in the webinar.

Once you have the webinar created with its product at the end and you get people to watch the webinar then you will have an excellent way to make automated sales online.


Steps to Building Your Webinar

1) Know your topic. Work out what the topic of the webinar will be and what content will actually be in the webinar. Fill the webinar with as high quality information as you can that has lots of information that will really help the viewers.

The idea here is to give away lots of free quality info within the webinar so that at the end when you introduce a product to purchase people will be thinking “wow the free info was amazing, imagine what the info will be like when I pay for it”

Your information wants to be offering a solution to a problem and so too does the product.


1) Find a product to promote. You will either be promoting your own products or services within the webinar or if you don’t have your own then you will want to become an affiliate of a product that you will receive a commission from with each sale.

Being an affiliate allows you to sell products online without having to own them, stock them or take payment for them. You get more details about affiliate marketing in this short article I wrote,


2) Create your webinar. The tried and trusted way to do this is with PowerPoint and this is certainly a great way to build the slides and text that will appear in your webinar. Me personally I have been using a free system called Prezi which is certainly easy to use and offers ways to really make your webinars come to life that PowerPoint can’t do.


3) Webinar software. In order to show your webinar either live the first time or recorded there after you will need a system to do this. There are specific systems such as GoToMeeting that will host your webinars or you can use a complete solution such as EverGreen that will not only host your webinars but will also offer a complete suite of tools for getting people signed up to the webinar, reminded of it and then followed up with after the webinar.

Now it is advisable to use the best service you can afford to host your webinar but you can find some decent free webinar software such as


4) Promote. Once the above 3 steps are completed you will be ready to promote your webinar and get people visiting your webinar sign up pages. You will be promoting in places where the types of people interested in your chosen topic and webinar would visit.


Need some help?

OK guys there you have it, a basic breakdown of what you should be doing if you want to make an income online with automated webinars. Of course there are details within each step that I have not gone into in as much detail as needed such as ways to promote or how you should structure your webinar but this is what your job is from now on in as you go through each step.

And of course if you need some guidance with any of this then feel free to drop me a line via my Contact Page.

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