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How Not To Promote Your Network Marketing / MLM Business

how to promote a network marketing businessIf you are involved with a network marketing or MLM business then you will know that there are two sides to your business of which both need promoting. But time and time again I see distributors or associates going about the promoting in the wrong way.

2 Sides

Now the first side to your business is the selling of the companies products that you can make a commission on, be that the beauty products of Avon, the cleaning products of Kleeneze or the products of whatever other marketing company you belong to.

The second part to your business is the recruitment of others into your business so that you may make commissions on any sales that your down line make.

Now regardless of whether you are selling products or recruiting members, most of the time I see associates always going for the jugular. They are always trying to make the sale.

Always Selling

They are always giving out their personal company page as soon as they see an opportunity to sell some products or recruit a new member. But this does not work anymore because this is what 99% of everyone else does all the time.

People are sick of being sold to, always being told to buy this or that because its amazing or join this company because its the best ever. People are bored of this and just switch off whenever they see it.

Just go on any home business or networking group on Facebook or LinkedIn and all you see is people selling. And all this does is put peoples defenses up, they create a barrier that stops them ever wanting to know more about your products or your company.

Educate, Educate

A much better way to find more customers or build your down line is to educate them first. Give them relevant information to what they are searching for and give them answers to the questions they are asking.

Rather than selling you are enlightening, you are providing a service with no strings attached. You will provide information that your customers or future sign ups want to read and in doing so you will break down the barriers.

You will put their defenses down so that eventually they will be very open to seeing your products or hearing about your business opportunity. You will have warmed them up and gained their trust so that when you do mention your products or company they will be more open to hearing about them.

Now this article does not explain exactly what sort of information you would need in order to educate people, for that I suggest you read my short article on why a specific business always makes more sales

What To Do?

Once you do have the information you need that will break down the barriers then you will need a way to convey this and by far the best way is with your own website.

Yes I know you will have your own company page that sells the products or explains the business opportunity but this will be the same website that everyone else in the company has and with companies like Avon, Kleeneze, Herbal life, Forever Living etc this will be many thousand of associate with pretty much the same way to promote.

What would be better is to stand out from the crowd and lets face it the crowd are all the other people in your company and put yourself out their with some branding and education.

For me the default system to put my websites together and that of my clients is with WordPress, not .com but .org. I wont bore you with why its a great system just that it powers most of the websites today and you can do pretty much anything you want with it.

There are plenty of other website builders but whatever one you use, use it to brand yourself in your market and use it to educate your visitors with great quality information.

And obviously this website is ultimately a way of you getting people to the company page of your network marketing or MLM business. You can place ads and links in and around the content you have that will lead people to wherever you want them to go.

But dont over do it, the main reason for your website is to educate and bring down the barriers so keep your links and ads to a minimum.

You could also become an affiliate of a couple of well chosen products that match your website content. This will help you to make an income from people who are just not interested in your primary business and believe me there are some out there.

I am a Real Person

Well I hope this has given you a bit of a better understanding on how to and how not to promote your network marketing / MLM business. But if you want a more detailed description on how to implement all of the above then please get in touch.

Or if you prefer you can leave your details on this page and I will send you a copy of my “5 Proven Steps to Make Money Online”

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