How Much is Your Job Costing You?

Ever wondered how much your job is costing you just to be there and whether you would be better off working one of the various home business ideas.

home based jobsWell it might be time to work it all out or at the very least have an idea of the things you pay for just to be at work.

See which of the items on the list below are part of your job expenditure.

Child Care – Probably the biggest expenditure for most working parents.

Travel Costs – Your commute to and from work is going to involve buying petrol  or paying for public transport.

Car Costs – Your car will be clocking up more miles with a commute and so will be worth less money when you sell it. It will also need more maintenance such as garage work as well as replacing tyres etc a lot sooner.

Clothing – The clothes you use for work are probably clothes you bought specifically for your job and would not necessarily buy if you did not have that job.

Tools – Whether your job is office based or you are a trades person I imagine you have to continuously buy various tools in order for you to do your job correctly.

Food – Do you eat in the staff canteen or go to the local bakers. How much are your daily coffees costing?

Health – Is your job costing you your health. Are you more stressed because of the logistics of having to go to a job. Does your diet suffer having a job and do you miss out on exercise because you have no time?

And finally, is your job costing you your life? Are you sacrificing all the pleasures life has to offer by being tied to a job.

Are your kids growing up without you, do you forgo pleasurable pastimes at the weekends and evenings because you have to work. Or are you simply to tired after working that all you want is your bed?

You Do the Maths!!

Work out what the above costs come to and see if financially and personally its worth being in a job. You may find that what you pay out and what you take home are not that far apart.

You may also find that you are better of staying at home and working a home business and thus cutting out all those job expenditures.

This would mean you don’t have to earn as much as your present job pays in order to have the same lifestyle but at the same time you would not have any of the stresses of that job.

Over to You

Hopefully this article “How Much is Your Job Costing You?” has given you some food for thought and perhaps planted the seed regarding a better work life balance.

If it has then let me know via my Contact Page, I have been helping people since 2008 make the switch.

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