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Home Business Ideas-Landing Pages

We have all seen them, one page websites with an enticing headline and message asking you to leave your details in return for a free gift of some sort.

home business ideasWell these one page websites are known as Landing pages and are in fact one of the best home business ideas you can get involved with.

They are easy to run once they are set up, they can be making you an income around the clock and they are very cheap to create.

There is work to be done at the start and probably a little head scratching as well but its nothing too complicated and should only take a few hours to build.


How Do Landing Pages Work?

The idea is that you generate traffic to your landing page with the aim of people leaving their name and email address. Once you have these details you can then start sending relevant information on a regular basis by email.

These emails will also on occasion contain links to relevant products that people can buy. This is how you make your money and the best way to do this is to become an affiliate of a company or companies and their products.


What You Need to Create a Landing Page Business

  1. A business market – Choose a market to be in (sports, health, beauty etc)
  2. A market problem – Find a problem that people want solving in this business market
  3. A Landing Page – Use where someone will cheaply build your Landing Page
  4. An email auto-responder – Aweber is my choice and they will automate all the emails you send out.
  5. A product – Become an affiliate of a company and product that solves the market problem

Once you have the above 5 completed then you are ready to start promoting your landing page to whoever would be interested in the market and problem you have discovered.


Now You Are Scratching Your Head!!

Yes I know, it all looks a bit complicated now and you are thinking there must be some easier home business ideas out there but its at this moment where you have a choice.

You can decide like 95% of the world to give up now and search the easy option (does not exist) or you can roll your sleeves up, work it all out and create yourself an online business that can be paying you around the clock.

Don’t take the easy option as this always leads to nothing ever happening and you living the same life as before. Get stuck in, work it all out, make some mistakes and then start to earn money online.


Need Some Help?

Don’t think you have to do it all by yourself, tap into my 8 years experience. You can either send me a message and questions or you can follow the steps in my Home Business Guru Course that shows you how to build a proven online business.

Whatever you decide, make no mistake, having a Landing Page is one of the best home business ideas available.

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