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Would You Go to a Mechanic if You Were ill ?

During the week I speak to quite a few people who want to make a living online. They want a flexible way to make an income that there job is probably not giving them.

mechanicAnd this is great. I will then explain what I do and how I make my living online and explain how I can help them achieve this too.

But then there response can sometimes be “well my mate said you cant make any money online” or “I spoke with a friend at work and they said everything online is a scam”.

Now everybody is entitled to an opinion, its part of what makes life interesting but my problem with this type of opinion is it comes more than likely from someone who knows nothing of the topic.


Never Made a Penny

People are asking for advice but they are asking it from a person who has never made a penny online. They are asking for information from someone who has no experience in this field.

Its a bit like going to a mechanic if you were ill. Would you ask your mechanic for advice about a stomach complaint, of course not. The same as you would not ask your doctor to fix your car.

So why ask your mate down the pub who is a painter what he thinks about an online business idea.

The Lifestyle You Desire

Now there is a chance that the person you are speaking to has got some online experience, great, we are getting a bit closer. But before you take action on any advice they give you ask yourself this, “is this person living the lifestyle you desire” “do they make the kind of money you want to earn”

If they are not then it might be best not to take too much from the advice they are offering. I am not saying they are bad people, far from it. Most of the time they will be genuinely trying to help you out, especially if its a family member.

Why not instead get in touch with a person who does have the experience you are looking for, who is living the lifestyle you desire.

Ask them the questions, get their take on it, hear what they have to say and then make your decisions. The decisions you then make will be ones that are based on correct information rather than guess work from well meaning friends and family.

OK rant over, breath Nicky boy and relax.

Making a Full Time Income Online

And if you too are in a situation where you need some sound advice about ways to earn money online and you don’t know any mechanics or doctors then let me know.

I have 10 years experience of making a full time income online and over 6 years of teaching what I do.  Visit my Contact Page where you can send me a message or give me a call.

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Cheers, Nick

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