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How to Find a Business Idea that Works

How to Find a Business Idea that WorksSo you have decided that you are fed up working 9-5. You are fed up commuting and fed up with a boss who makes you goose step and a job that does not permit flexible hours.

This obviously means then that you have decided to work for yourself online but it also means that you need to now know how to find a business idea that works.

Well this is not as hard to do as you might think. Just a bit of clever research and some probing questions and you should be able to find a business idea that really kicks you out of bed each morning rather than the kids doing this.


Ask yourself this!!

First thing you can do is ask yourself questions like “what am I good at”, “what have I knowledge on”. Asking questions like these will help you start to see exactly what options you have when it comes to working for yourself.

If you are good at something or have knowledge about a topic then perhaps you could start offering a service around these skills.

You might be good at repairing clothes, book keeping, cooking or playing an instrument. Whatever your skill is then its probable you have the makings of a business idea that works and that you can charge a fee for.

If you have knowledge on a particular topic then you have a skill that you can pass onto others for a fee. Teach people how to do this skill or create a small product such as a step by step course that people can buy in order to learn this skill.


Amazon will help!!

A place I often recommend is to use Amazon. They have a very precise list of popular categories in markets that sell.

Just use the Amazon search bar at the top of the page and view all the categories you can search in and see if one of them feels like an idea for a business. You can guarantee that Amazon will only have categories on its website that makes them money.

You can also use a company called ClickBank. Like Amazon they too have a good list of categories in money making markets you can choose from.

ClickBank is a company who lists products that you can sell for a commission. Its called Affiliate Marketing and it is a great way for you to work for yourself online selling products that you dont have to own.

I have a free Ebook on Affiliate Marketing that you can  read here  if you want to learn more.


Be Specific!!

If I can give you one tip then that would be to be specific. For example, if you have a knowledge on playing guitar and you want to teach others this, be more specific and teach Spanish guitar or classical guitar.

If you know how to use Microsoft office, rather than offering a service that just says this, offer one that focuses on Word or Excel. Teach people this one to one or put a little course together that they can buy.

Being specific helps your future customers identify you better and find you a lot easier than if you were to just offer a more broader service. And you can charge more by being a specific expert.

An example of a recent client of mine who used my training program to build an online business, came up with the idea of German Shepherds for his business.

He has a good working knowledge of these dogs and now he is offering help and advice to people interested in this breed. He has gone specific with his idea rather than just focusing on dogs or even worse just focusing on pets.


What Next!!

Well the next step once you have found a business idea that works is to take action. You need strike fast while you are in the mood otherwise it will be just another “What If” moment in your life.

Get a plan together on how you are going to take this business idea forward and then implement that plan until your goal is achieved.

Keep taking forward moving actions and pretty soon you will be able to goose step your boss out of your life and begin working for yourself online.

And if you need any advice on anything you have just read then let me know via my Contact Page. I am sure we could brainstorm it together.

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