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Ezine Ads-Effective Ways to Sell Affiliate Products

ways to sell affiliate productsOne of the most effective ways to sell affiliate products is with the use of Ezine adverts. They do not break the bank, they are very targeted and they are suitable for almost any market you become an affiliate in.

NB: This article is intended for people who are already familiar with the idea of  Affiliate Marketing

What are Ezine Ads?

Ezines are online newsletters that people have subscribed to regarding a particular topic. They could focus on golf or child care, it could be a newsletter about gardening or trading stocks and shares.

Whatever market you are selling affiliate products in I can guarantee you there is an ezine that will cover this topic. And what is good news for you and I is that you can pay to place your ads within the ezine.

Remember that the people who read these ezines are super interested in the topic meaning they will be interested in seeing relevant adverts as well.

Where to Find a Suitable Ezine?

There are a few ways to find an ezine that is right for your affiliate products and one of these is to use an Ezine Directory. These directories will list many ezines on various topics as well as details like cost to place an ad and how many subscribers the ad will go out to. Just Google the term “Ezine Directories” and take your pick.

Another way to find an ezine is to visit relevant websites/blogs within your affiliate market and contact the owner of the website to see if they have a newsletter that you can place an advert in. You need to ask what the costs are and how big is there readership.

TIP: If they do have a newsletter then why not sign up to it yourself and see what it looks like. Would you want your ad in this ezine.

A third way is to use ClickBank and its marketplace. Look for a product on ClickBank within your market and contact the owner to see if he has a newsletter, just like you would in the previous option.

The reason why this is a good option is because subscribers on this persons ezine will most probably be buyers, meaning they are already happy to buy products related to the topic they are interested in.

How Best to Use an Ezine?

Ezines can be used for a couple of things. One can be to directly sell an affiliate product by placing an ad that has a direct link to the products sales page.

The other way to use an ezine is to grow your own list. Place an ad enticing people to join your own mailing list so that you can then send them affiliate products whenever you want and at no extra cost to yourself. This is the best option because you will have control of the list rather than paying someone else to use their ezine list of subscribers.


The cost of an ad in an ezine will vary according to the size of the list (how many subscribers) as well as the size of the advert you want to place. You can place an ad from anything upwards of £20.

Please dont always think though that an ezine with a large list of subscribers is the best option as often you can find an ezine with a smaller list that is more responsive to your ads. Its the way that an ezine owner treats his subscribers that is the most important thing.

What Now?

Get cracking, find an ezine and place an ad. You may be lucky and find a good one straight away or it may take a couple of goes. The main thing is to take action now.

Or if you still have some questions then let me know via my Contact Page, I will be happy to help.

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